Send all Web Content by the following Ways:

To update your website Content log into your My City Me service account to modify your changes.

You may also choose to send web content by email to CUSTOMERSUPPORT@MYCITYME.COM

with your account name as the subject.

Send Web Content by Email

Microsoft Programs: Create documents with page titles and section titles.

PDF Documents:

Media Formats: MP3, MP4,

Email: Send  all web content with page title, or page section titles.

HTML Media Codes:  Code content can be sent by Note Pad. Save file as a text file.

Photo Images: Photo images must be sent as  a JPEG, GIF, PNG, URL image or HTML image.

 Send photo Images by email attachment with webpage titles.

 Website Department Email Address: CUSTOMERSUPPORT@MYCITYME.COM

 Email all web content to CUSTOMERSUPPORT@MYCITYME.COM

 Always display your website screen name as the subject.