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Dr. Molly McDonald- a Physical Therapist

My healthcare background began in 2001 when I became a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) while working towards my B.S. in Nutrition from University of Houston. Massage Therapy is one of the best careers in the world! Truly, who does not LOVE a massage. However, over several years, I found that people would return week after week or month after month with the same injury or pain.


I started to question why people would only have temporary relief and what was the actual origin of the pain. Then, just as I was finishing my degree, I was shown a Physical Therapy degree program that seemed to have many of the answers to my questions. I decided to make a bold move away from my hometown of Houston all the way to Boston, Massachusetts, where I completed my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Northeastern University in 2011.


Since then, I have worked as a Physical Therapist in multiple settings, from outpatient sports rehabilitation to skilled nursing facilities and Inpatient hospital. I have learned from each of these, but my heart has alway belonged to working with people to help them return to the recreational activities they love and to live their best life.


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Wellness Programs:

This is personal training taken to the next level.  When training with Your Goals Physical Therapy you are working with a Doctor of Physical Therapy that is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  The CSCS is the same education that the strength coach has on college sports teams.  Your Goals Physical Therapy is able to assess and correct form with the skill of a Physical Therapist pushing you towards your fitness goals with evidence based practices.

Massage Therapy:

Dr. Molly has practiced massage therapy since 2001, this was her first passion. If you are looking for a sports massage or deep tissue look no further.

Prenatal and Postpartum:

It is important for women to stay physically active during and after pregnancy to reduce the negative effects. Women that maintain an active lifestyle report having more energy and less joint pain as a result of pregnancy.  I can help you create an effect exercise plan for you to help address the changes your body is going through. . Please check out the pregnancy page on this website for additional information on prenatal/postpartum.


Sometimes it is hard to know if we have an injury or pain that requires a doctor, physical therapy, or just a little rest. Sometime we have pain, new or old, that occurs with recreational activities and we are not sure the pain will ever go away. A screening is a 20-minute, in-person consult, consisting of a physical exam and/or movement assessment to determine your best options going forward.

Phone consults are also available for general guidance.