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"Being compared vocally to artists such as Sade, Diana Ross and Billie Holiday could be a compliment to any singer.

Nina Causey
"My style is eclectic - a combination of various influences. I do jazz, blues and contemporary, but it is always evolving, Causey said. "My last CD, Holding on Forever, has a lot of smooth jazz on it. I'm moving in the direction of contemporary music that has a nice, easy, danceable flow to it."
"In college, Causey began performing in local clubs and it was there that some identified her turn of the (20th) century Billie Holiday-esque sound. Causey took the connection further by portraying the tragic singer on stage."
"I have been a songwriter for years and years but it's only been recently that I started to work on songs that I started long ago and develop and copyright them, she said. They are not necessarily autobiographical, but they are based on my experiences."
Basically they are all about love, but I recently wrote one called Hold Fast to Your Dreams, It is about having a goal and not giving up until you attain it.
"I give audiences something from deep inside me and when I see them reacting to it, it really makes me feel good," she added.
- Fairfield writer Tony Wade"



"Holding On Forever" CD

This is a CD for lovers, featuring smooth jazz compositions written by Nina Causey, along with Cole Porter's "All Of You", and the hit, "Going Out Of My Head" by Little Anthony and The Imperials...the mood is smooth, relaxing and romantic.

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"Take Me to Paradise"

This Bay Area phenomenon, who gained her reputation as a sultry sensation by turning in sparkling performances as a vocalist/pianist, raises the bar a bit by flirting with a variety of concepts that commence with the title track. She scats; she caresses the piano with the expertise of a remote controlling surfing couch potato, and she does it her way...Nina Causey has not only showcased her immense talent, but she has indeed trail blazed her way to that state of felicity called 'Paradise.'"
-N. Ali Early, Kreative Souls LLC.. Atlanta, Georgia

"Take Me To Paradise"

"The Sultry sound of NINA CAUSEY'S "Lover Man"! I tell you, the sister really means business. The very heartfelt vibes are immensely the alma mater of the strong Fierce Woman sending "The Right Man" a loving message of: "I'm searching and waiting for you". This cut; "Lover Man" projects a certain persona to capture the hearts as it applies to holding on to that sought out Lover. Take a serious ear to absorbing the message: "Lover Man"! A bonefide, sure thing hit. A message of expressing what we (women) seek. "PROPS TO YOU NINA"! Love it! You will too"! So check out all the Jazzy, Sexy tunes on Nina's second CD: "Take Me To Paradise!!!!"
-Iona Lundy, Independent Writer New Orleans, Louisiana

Carmen Jones

"...played by Richmond pianist-singer-actress-model, Nina Causey, has the same amorous characteristics as her namesake...Chicago born Causey was reluctant to take the Carmen role when it was offered by Black Repertory Group producer-director Mona Vaughn Scott. 'I told her, "I'm a jazz singer. I have never sung opera"...but Mona Vaughn Scott insisted, and now, I'm glad I took the part.
- James Tucker, West County Times

With More Blues Than Jazz

"She goes to the stage with the movements of a panther in love...She moves slowly as the rhythm of the piano, the bass and drums outline her singing...little by little, the panther in love put them under the spell of her voice and made them hers.
- David Dorantes Guadalajara, Mexico entertainment section.

"Nina Causey, a tall, tantalizing torch singer is now titilating audiences in the Bay Area..." Bayview News.

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"What Do You Want For Christmas?" CD

"Nina! Nina! The Jazzy Sultry Diva. A Voice that oozes....."Awwwwww....Before Dawn! I Feel Good!!!

-Iona Lundy, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

-Contributing Writer for Smooth Jazz Magazine. Credits include a one on one interview with BeBe Winanas and Pamela Sklar.

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