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Skattan Productions has one of the most powerful and popular entertainment groups and is now in the Tampa, FL area. Our jazz band has something for every music taste, budget, and venue. Our group of musicians make certain that they go all out to satisfy every customer need in an entertaining and professional manner!

Our jazz band is a unique group of musicians that simply love the art of improvisation. Improvisation means playing without sheet music or any type of scheduled notation. As the favorite saying in the jazz field refers to, there are no wrong notes in jazz!

Jazz band performances can be as subtle or energy-packed as our customer chooses. Many customers love us to play as banquet entertainment. We make a wonderful backdrop to a tasty, socializing meal! Other customers want us to be the center of attention while closing out a powerful event. We offer a wide selection of entertainment packages to satisfy many customers.

Our jazz band is available for all types of events. We can open for class acts, be the main source of entertainment, or provide soothing background music during banquets. Just consult with us about what is available.


We have a passion for introducing others to the wonders of jazz. Our reputable jazz band musicians are continually intrigued about how many listeners come up after our performances and regale about how misinformed they were about jazz. We have converted a new fan and simply love it!

Experience the delights of a quality jazz band in the Tampa, FL area by consulting with the professionals at Skattan Productions
. Do it sooner than later!


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